Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Testimonial for Amanda’s Magickal Jewelry

As an extension of herself, Amanda does for jewelry what poetry does for the English language; it is vastly improved.

Amanda creates each piece with an intuitive eye that sees beyond the mundane, as each necklace or earring becomes not only a work of art but also carries a healing vibration. This way you not only feel good, you feel better. I know because I am wearing some of her earrings right now. I always feel better when I put on these jewels of the sea and sand.

Somehow she melds her own magical process into the properties of the stones and metals so that every bead and crystal is infused with an elemental beauty and profound meaning. One wears an Amanda necklace knowing that even Cleopatra herself would have been proud to have worn it.

Whether simple or ornate, Amanda’s designs move in and out of time, reminding us of the Renaissance, The Golden Age of Greece, and classical times yet to come. And even though she takes fabulous pictures of her creations, I hope that you get a chance to see them for yourself.